Full Of diamonds
/ citRa Pale ale /

Things can go terribly wrong when you believe the American Dream consists of being well-liked, personally attractive, and able to afford the finest appliances. For those of that mind, the jungle does indeed appear very dark... with no diamonds to light it.


get busy livin’
/ IpA /

It started with a crime he didn’t commit. It ended with two prisoners, finally free, on a beach in Mexico. It’s proof that all you need is a little hope, and the belief that we should all just get busy living.


Must Have NOdded Off
/ dIPA /

An unintended run-in with a police cruiser results in an unwanted sentence at a rigid prep school and decisions that will impact a lifetime. If is always hard to find a balance between fun and ambition, old friends and new, haze and clarity. Some people find that balance - others cannot.


theRe’s a chance
/ Blonde Ale /

It started with a suitcase. A quest to find the perfect woman tests relationships, compels heroic acts of valor, and proves that there is always a chance - even if it’s one in a million.


sOmething bit me
/ butteRfingeR imPeRial stOut /

We’re all given a different lot in life - and whether you find yourself on a shrimping boat, fighting in the fog of war, exposing political scandals, or running across America - it’s all about the connections you make along the way.


dOnny, Please
/ blackbeRRy gOse /

the dude abides.


I vOte fOR OuteR space
/ AustRalian sPaRkling ale /

Unexplained vibrations. Mysterious deaths. A small town in the desert that will never be the same. When evil lurks beneath your feet, your only hope is ingenuity, teamwork, and a well-timed pole vault.



It Only ends once
/ Hawaiian shave ice bRut ipa /

i dRink and i knOw things
/ Coffee wheat wine ale /

we’ve been jammed
/ RaspbeRRy blOnde ale /

say wHat Again
/ West cOast iPa /

IT’s Only us
/ TROpical DDH Pale ale /

Get Busy Living
/ IPA /

/ Peanut Butter PoRteR /

There’s a Chance
/Blonde Ale /

ET Tu, Brute?
/ DDH Pale Ale /

The Devil The Cooks
/ Lucky Charms IPA /

Not Drinking Merlot
/ California Common Steam /

Littering And…
/ New ENgland IPA /

I’m Your Density
/ Twist Porter /

Some Bad Hat
/ Blackberry Gose /

Ivory Leg
/ Porter /

Tender Curiosity
/ Session Ale /

Turning Violet
/ Blueberry Berliner Weisse /

FOr the weekend
/ DIPA /

Thirsty For More?
/ XMas Ale /

/ Butte County Proud IPA /

Nameless Shadow
/ Chai Pumpkin Ale /

hOuRs of LeisuRe
/ CalifoRnia steam /

Two Thus Far
/ Dipa /

That’s All I Need
/ Bourbon Barrel Brown Ale /