Full Of diamonds
/ citRa Pale ale /

Things can go terribly wrong when you believe the American Dream consists of being well-liked, personally attractive, and able to afford the finest appliances. For those of that mind, the jungle does indeed appear very dark... with no diamonds to light it.


get busy livin’
/ IpA /

It started with a crime he didn’t commit. It ended with two prisoners, finally free, on a beach in Mexico. It’s proof that all you need is a little hope, and the belief that we should all just get busy living.


LitteRing And…
/ new England IPA /

While the tactics utilized by this highway patrol may sometimes be unusual, they’re the only ones who can stop a group of crooked state troopers and a vicious drug smuggling ring. If you ever see their flashing lights in your rear-view mirror, you better know why they pulled you over.


We’ve Been Jammed
/ RaspbeRRy Jam Blonde Ale /

When pure evil attempts to destroy all that is good, a true hero needs to do more than comb the desert. A true hero needs to be willing to go to the ends of the universe to make things right.


tiMe is undefeated
/ Oatmeal stOut /

Legends loom large, whether the legend is your father or your former self. But it is possible to forge your own new path while still paying respect to your past. Sometimes it just means you will have to climb a few museum steps.


LOOking GOOD, billy Ray
/ ScOtch Ale /

One man at the top of his game, with a great job and beautiful fiancé. The other, down on his luck and on the street. Together they learn how the other half lives - and that the sweetest revenge is best served with frozen orange juice concentrate.


it only ends once
/ Hawaiian Shave Ice Brut IPA /

A smoke monster. Jungle polar bears. A countdown that never stops. Life is full of mysteries that will never be answered. What is not a mystery: we’re all connected, and we all have a responsibility to look after one another.



It Only ends once
/ Hawaiian shave ice bRut ipa /

i dRink and i knOw things
/ Coffee wheat wine ale /

we’ve been jammed
/ RaspbeRRy blOnde ale /

say wHat Again
/ West cOast iPa /

IT’s Only us
/ TROpical DDH Pale ale /

Get Busy Living
/ IPA /

/ Peanut Butter PoRteR /

There’s a Chance
/Blonde Ale /

ET Tu, Brute?
/ DDH Pale Ale /

The Devil The Cooks
/ Lucky Charms IPA /

Not Drinking Merlot
/ California Common Steam /

Littering And…
/ New ENgland IPA /

I’m Your Density
/ Twist Porter /

Some Bad Hat
/ Blackberry Gose /

Ivory Leg
/ Porter /

Tender Curiosity
/ Session Ale /

Turning Violet
/ Blueberry Berliner Weisse /

FOr the weekend
/ DIPA /

Thirsty For More?
/ XMas Ale /

/ Butte County Proud IPA /

Nameless Shadow
/ Chai Pumpkin Ale /

hOuRs of LeisuRe
/ CalifoRnia steam /

Two Thus Far
/ Dipa /

That’s All I Need
/ Bourbon Barrel Brown Ale /