sOme bad hat
/ blackberry gOse /

We’re all for skinny-dipping, but as this tragic tale showed it’s probably best to get out of the water if you feel a nibble at your toes. Well that, and always invest in a bigger boat.


Get Busy Living
/ IpA /

It started with a crime he didn’t commit. It ended with two prisoners, finally free, on a beach in Mexico. It’s proof that all you need is a little hope, and the belief that we should all just get busy living.


For the Weekend
/ DIPA /

All they wanted was a quick climb up the corporate ladder. But a promising invite to a world of wealth and success took a sinister turn. When things get tough you just need to prop up those around you and join the party.


We’ve Been JaMMed
/ RaspbeRRy jam Blonde Ale /

When pure evil attempts to destroy all that is good, a true hero needs to do more than comb the desert. A true hero needs to be willing to go to the ends of the universe to make things right.


/ P.B. PoRteR /

A fresh start in a new country for a man who has been given every advantage in life. But deep in his heart the one thing he truly wants is to find a woman who loves him for who he is, not for the crown on his head. No journey is too great when one finds what one seeks.


LOOking GOOD, billy Ray
/ ScOtch Ale /

One man at the top of his game, with a great job and beautiful fiancé. The other, down on his luck and on the street. Together they learn how the other half lives - and that the sweetest revenge is best served with frozen orange juice concentrate.


HouRs of LeisuRe
/ CalifoRnia Steam /

You can sail to far-off lands, meet people of all shapes and sizes, encounter a wide variety of cultures and societies - and it might turn out that the most virtuous creature you will meet is a horse.



There’s a Chance
Blonde Ale

ET Tu, Brute?
DDH Pale Ale

The Devil The Cooks
/ Lucky Charms IPA /

Not Drinking Merlot
/ California Common Steam /

Littering And…
/ New ENgland IPA /

I’m Your Density
/ Twist Porter /

Some Bad Hat
/ Blackberry Gose /

Ivory Leg
/ Porter /

Tender Curiosity
/ Session Ale /

Turning Violet
/ Blueberry Berliner Weisse /

Thirsty For More?
/ XMas Ale /

/ Butte County Proud IPA /

Nameless Shadow
/ Chai Pumpkin Ale /

Two Thus Far
/ Dipa /

That’s All I Need
/ Bourbon Barrel Brown Ale /